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Abdullah Abu Rumman


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Abdullah is a development, tourism, and conservation expert on a strategic level, with more than 14 years of experience and significant achievements in the rural development and tourism in the UK, Malta, South Africa, Malawi, and Jordan. He worked as the tourism manager at the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), creating and managing ecotourism and community development initiatives in all Jordan protected areas. Later on, he acted as a senior consultant for Clinton Foundation and other international NGOs, creating community development projects in rural areas and refugee-hosting communities. Additionally, Abdullah is an active consultant who advices ecological consulting services for wind energy industry in Jordan, and has significantly contributed to different tourism / Ecotourism, and environmental researches and consultancies in the UK, Malta, and Jordan. Abdullah is a Chevening International Award winner for global leaders, and holds an MSc in Conservation and Rural Development – University of Kent, UK (2016), and a BA from the University of Jordan (2007) and has done leadership studies at the United Nations University (2009). Furthermore, he spent a year in the African bush studying nature, ecotourism, and local community aspects (2012). Abdullah’s current challenge and passion is assuring the exceptional development of the Jordan Trail which has recently became a global adventure and tourism icon.

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I need to shed more international light on the Jordan Trail to help promoting an ideal form of responsible tourism that helps local people, protects nature, and brings prosperity.

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Since my second year at university, I joined the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature in Jordan and worked in eco-tourism. Since then, I developed my skills and worked on both my strengths and weaknesses and started building my experience in this field. Found my way up at the RSCN, planned and executed many ecotourism plans that helped local communities all over Jordan and protected its unique ecosystems. After that, I moved to South Africa and spent a year in the African bushes studying nature science and ecotourism aspects, then volunteered in Malawi and helped in community-based tourism projects. This experience has enriched my knowledge and gave me a new dimension of my previous working years. Then moved back to Jordan and established the 1st Safari project in Jordan at Shaumari wildlife reserve, a project that helped locals to lead and benefit from a great responsible tourism experience. After that, I have worked on bird ecological surveys to establish the basis of birdwatching tourism in Jordan. In 2015, I won a Chevening International award which enabled me to go to the UK and do my MSc in Conservation and Rural Development. This degree has widened my vision and gave me the proper tools to continue with both conservation and development through tourism. After that, joined the Jordan Trail Association and with the team support transformed the idea into a world-class responsible tourism experience that is now shining and growing more. The Jordan Trail is a long-distance hiking trail in Jordan, connecting the length of the country from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south. It offers 40 days of hiking that spans over 650 kilometers of genuine experiences, passing through more than 52 villages and towns on its way. The trail has attracted local and international interest from around the world due to its great diversity and the true local experience it provides, and it is now one of the most iconic adventure travel destinations in the world. After less than 2 years of its establishment, JTA has succeeded in promoting the JT nationally and internationally as a world-class adventure experience. Recently won many awards on the national and international levels such as
1. World Tourism Awards – London 2018
2. National Geographic Traveler’s 21 “Best of the World” destinations for 2018
3. King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein Order for Distinction of the Second Degree
4. International Peace through Tourism Awards (IIPT) – “Peace through Cultural Diversity Award 2018”
5. 1st runner-up International Peace through Tourism Awards (IIPT) – “Respect of Sustainable Development Award 2018”
6. UNWTO start-ups competition in Bahrain 2018