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A Commerce student.

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Iam a student of Don Bosco Jr.College Pune,Maharashtra,India.Want to protect the environment.I have an aim to protect the environment and people.

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Abhishek Panicker


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Electricity for All

Nowadays,Global warming issues are being discussed on a large scale.It has been forecasted that in the coming generation there will be a war between people and countries for resources like food,water,electricity & fuels.There are many countries in the world where electricity is an issue especially in Asia and Africa.In India,the government has promoted a plan that every household must use digital settop box for TVs rather than cable network.This has brought in my mind an idea for electricity conservation.Like the compulsory implementation of digitalization of TVs why don't all countries in the world implement strict usage of energy efficient bulbs like CFLs and LEDs for household units and industries?

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