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Abhishek singh


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Feynman school / Feynman classes

My idea is very simple ,open a school and a coaching institute.As its name both the school and coaching institute are inspired by the personality and teaching style of RICHARD PHILLIPS FEYNMAN.When i first read his i was very inspired by the simple approach to very complicated topics. Then i realized what has to be done to improve the quality of education in India. KEY FEATURES:- 1: providing honest and innovative approach of teaching. 2: teachers only will be accepted with some certain months of experience at feynman classes.If found appropriate for the cause ,then will be promoted to school on permanent basis. 3: there are books which are very good but can cost a month of their parent's salary ,we through 24/7 library open for everybody will provide opportunity to enhance their knowledge beyond boundaries. 4: new age technology and facility of telescope for students see the beauty of universe. 5: education will also be provided to those who are unable to take part in school by Feynman classes. 6: Emphasis on overall development of students Feynman school will be dedicated to innovative approach of teaching(Science and Mathematics).where students will be encouraged to ask question and motivated to find their answer.A part from study proper facilities for extra curricular activities shall be provided. Feynman classes as a coaching institute for students willing to learn, far from reach of school and for those who cannot afford school, and as a training centre for teachers of Feynman school. these are very simple requirements but no school if fulfilling even a single point.

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