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My name is Abigail, I have 17 years and am passionate about entrepreneurship and protagonists practices. I am part of a group of young people working with projects in lectures, workshops and activities that use various themes that provide the youth development through entrepreneurship education. I was a young congressman,’m protagonist. I also have a small business with friends where we work with recycled products.The entrepreneurship has changed my life so I believe that is your first step to change the world is to multiply the knowledge already acquired, Simple actions can touch the hearts of people seeking a better world. We are the agents, the agents of change that will bring development through entrepreneurship education.

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Undertake to Transform

The idea is to promote and disseminate the teaching of sustainable entrepreneurship through project undertake for transform, transforming young people into protagonists their own lives. with the objective of to show that simple changes in actions and habits can change not only your life, but the world. students will have the opportunity to learn the theoretical and practical manner what it is sustainable entrepreneurship through the use of recyclable materials in entrepreneurship chats, lectures, conversation with entrepreneurs (Network), workshop, and integration activities they will be placed in contact with content of research, observation, research and problem solving having to develop solutions that can be implemented by themselves. Thus developing creativity and being entered into the world of business through group work.

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