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Aloro Butrus

Project Overview

Safety Carrier

The safety carrier initiative is an initiative thats aimed at providing local delivery system of items such as documents, goods, and providing or directing new comers or visitors to Yei municipality in South Sudan. Yei municipality is cosmopolitan city that brings all people in the ten state of South Sudan. In yei Municipality there is no delivery/or postal services in town. People largely depend of Boda-Boda which is highly risk in terms accident and theft cases. Not only that the Boda-Boda only provides local transport thus no delivery system in the whole city of nearly 1 million population. Therefore, the safety carrier services will provide safety delivery of of documents, goods, or personal belongings and directing or accompanying new comers, visitors or tourist to the city and nearby location in a more safe and secure way. Organizations, companies and private individual can send goods or items in the neighboring country or other parts of South Sudan directly to safety carrier and safety carrier will send goods or items at the door step or offices of respective companies or organization safe and at affordable fees. The main objective of this initiative is to; Provide employment opportunity for young people in Yei Municipality Providing cheap and safe delivery system of goods and other items Minimize risk of lost or theft cases and lose of people who come to Yei for the first time.

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