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COMMUNITY ACTION FOR PORVERTY ALLEVIATION (CAPA) seeks to generate funds and partner with various institutions and individuals in orther find innovative solutions to the systemic challenges that stand in the way of smallholder farmers adopting soil health technologies and promoting effective solutions to poverty problems.

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There are 250 million malnourished people in rural sub-Saharan Africa. Lack of information about soil
constraints and lack of access to quality recommendations, and farm inputs is a major obstacle to
increasing agricultural productivity to address food insecurity
Finding innovative solutions to the systemic challenges that stand in the way of smallholder farmers
adopting soil health technologies, access to financing to buy needed inputs (especially improved seed
and fertilizer), access to remunerative markets, access to good extension advisory services, and more
effective farmer organizations to capitalize on economies of scale and thus reduce the high transaction
costs that come with separate individual actions is the baseline and starting point to alleviating poverty
in sub-Saharan Africa, where agriculture accounts for 64% of the labor force and in rural areas, where
75% of people living on $1 a day work in agriculture.
CAPA believes we are still at a point where Improving soil health is essential to reversing the low productivity that has plagued Africa’s smallholder agriculture over the past 40 years. During this period, for example, the average yield of maize a staple food crop in Africa, has stagnated at about 1 MT/ha. Unfortunately, due to continual mining of soil nutrients over time, without sufficient replacement, Africa’s soils – particularly on small land holdings steadily lost their ability to support strong crop growth. In order to transform African agriculture, farmers must start using fertilizers in much greater quantities than currently, and apply it in appropriate ways to ensure financial and environmental sustainability.
The Governments of many African Countries and other actors have provided several solutions similar to what we want to offer but have no succeeded because they focus on one arm of the supply chain forgetting the other for instance there would be a mass campaign on sensitizing local farmers on how to use fertilizers and they would be offered free fertilizers.It has been a great program but after the farmers have a large harvest they can not manage to do so the following year when the program is no longer there.
CAPAs 4 stage plan focuses on the entire supply chain with an ambition to put over 5000 farmers through stage1 and 2 of their program in 36 months after the pilot with 500 farmers in the first year with a commitment to continuously monitor and change the plan if the evidence suggests that the approach isn’t

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Achanyi Andre