August 6, 2018 12:05

Lovely project. I love the idea. bee keeping in the developing countries is capable of growing the economy especially Africa. recently US partner with Nigeria on bee keeping and I love this initiative. Good progress you have there. I will vote for this project as much as I can remember. Good luck. To help one another in the process, you can also visit my project and vote or make comment.
Thank you

Comment on: Micro:bit SLUG
August 6, 2018 11:55

Lovely project. right now I am undertaking a business process re-engineering study in two selected areas of my region - northeast Nigeria to identify an e-governance environment that is adaptable for rural communities in the region and lack of computer literacy , access to computer and internet are a big gap that needs to be address to achieve rural youth participation in the process Good progress you have there. I will vote for this project as much as I can remember. Good luck

August 6, 2018 11:38

Thanks to everyone for providing me with useful comments on my project. really we have a lot of community issues to address ranging from poverty, health, youth engagements, development, etc and I believe everyone of us who started to do something in order to address one of these challenges is a great leader. Let us continue to be the change ambassadors of our communities.

August 4, 2018 10:48

I am really inspired by your innovations in wood work, If we have 10 of your type in the northeast it will provide youths with opportunities to learn these viable and profitable venture. Everyone who loves beauty will like your products and that alone is enough to attract the youth who will become engaged, empowered and the economy of the region will improve.
you mentioned about taking only 20-30 applicant for training, is that figure not small considering that more than 5 times that number of youth will want apply for the skills.

August 2, 2018 15:55

The continent of Africa is divided into north of the Sahara desert mostly Arabs peoples living in such countries as Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt. The sub-Saharan Africa varies greatly across Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe, and snow-capped mountains such as Kilimanjaro are in sharp contrast to dry plains and tropical rain forests. The differences in physical structure also produced different cultures. Each culture has a distinct Arts and Craft tradition. Northern Woods Crafts I hope will give use a fresh inside to the culture that resulted in beautiful, functional designs that enhances the interiors and exteriors of Classic Arts & Crafts homes in African.