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my fields of expertise are singing,dancing,reading,i have good writing skills. i mostly write stories about real life and i also write song lyrics.

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i'm constantly looking for opportunities to exhibit my ideas,talents and skills.

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My name is Judith Adda and I am 18 years old.I come from a family of 5.
I am a Ghanaian.I pursue what i believe in and i would not stop till i am heard.
Enemies would hate and try to pull me down by spreading false rumours about me but behold i am the girl you love to hate because i always speak the sincere and hard truth.
God comes first,humanity second and myself 3rd.
I have had the opportunity to hold some prefect positions in school,won the second best student in my class and i have also been the secretary of the students representative council in my junior high school.
I have earned the respect and admiration of both friends and family.
I have benn given the opportunity to give a talk on so many platforms and i have also won every debate i have participated in.This i earned through hardwork,determination and selflessness.

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