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Adis Ozuna

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Is an Interior design code for people with visual disabilities, this one is the largest disability population in Latin America. Farther than designing accessible spaces, the intention is to manipulate the interior environment to get a positive response from people who cant see, stimulating other senses. This desing code combines smells, sounds, temperature and scale of spaces to recreate the same feeling, for which designers use the colors. Imagine that when you enter a room, you could smell it, hear it and feel it through body temperature and echos. We want to translate the meaning of colors in design to be read by the other senses. This code is not a substitute for any design recommendations for people with visual disabilities, is rather a complement to increase the sensorial experience. The main Objective is: Planning and designing interior spaces that can be perceived, for any person, whether or not they have reduced chances of receiving visual communication"

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