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[2014/10] “Google Inc. Solve For X Moonshot Submission”:
“Every clicks represents a donation.” DOTs is a platform aims to change the notion that ads are annoying and irritating, combining the powerful algorithm of Google Search, the straightforward “C2C” model of Uber, the simplicity of mobile apps and the philanthropy of NGOs.

[2015/04] Taiwanese final delegate of “ASES Stanford Summit”: a diverse international conference on entrepreneurship for college students in the world.

[2015/06] “UTime” (on iOS): Ultimate your time by “Focus mode”, helps you focus and unplug to be creative.

In my freshman I started my first startup, which aims to make users raise awareness of their time and attention.

Our solution is, for example, users can set up 30 mins countdown alarm and iPhone will turn to non-disturbed mode automatically, so they will not get any Facebook or Twitter messages . If they cannot help themselves but getting distracted, the 30 mins mission is failed. Users can check out what your friends have done today, and whether they accomplish their missions or not.

Our team went through design thinking process, and made some prototyping and idea-testing, but finally in vain. As far as I’m concerned, there are two reasons for the failure: first, we didn’t think in the shoes of our users, they might be great customers, but Utime didn’t have strong enough incentives for them; second, we were too immature as a fresh developer to develop a minimum viable product.

[2015/10] “EE Department marketing campaign”(Digital Marketing): iPad Head Girl & Youtube Campaign Video Viral Marketing
– reach 10000 views in less than 12 hours, which was a great achievement for making a capaign go viral.

[2016/01] “VR/AR little project”(Unity): Tower Defense VR Game based on Google Cardboard & Running Man AR live Camera

[2016/03] “Smile!” (on Android): Microsoft Cognitive Services
With Emotion API & Face API, I developed an facial expression recognition app, of which Flurry Analytics(growth-hacking spirit!) and Google Admob(ads monitization) implemented.

* all the apps listed above are OPEN SOURCE on Github.

[2015/09 – now] “Focus”: BETA version app was done in 2016 Feb. We have earned some credit from local startup contest, and have registered in some global contests like “Google Admob Challenge”, “Microsoft Imagine Cup”, “Asia Smartphone App Contest”…etc.
Our team are currently applying incubator in Taiwan, and recruiting China (1 co-worker now) and the US co-workers, with a view to expanding our market size all over the world.