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Aranti Adriarani


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Cikrak, the food waste business

Based on several studies, it is estimated that more than 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted every year. This waste represents one-third of global production (FAO, 2011). This wastage not only has enormous negative impact to the global economy and food availability, but also to the environment. Obviously, the economic status in developing countries have reached such a high level that thousands of tons of wholesome edible food are thrown away as waste at every stage of the marketing system. Indonesia has about 60% organic waste that contains of food waste and has not managed wisely. Meanwhile, in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, food waste contributes nearly 42% of the total waste in the city (LIPI). That is almost a half. That is the reason why Cikrak is founded. Cikrak means tools for picking up a waste in Sanskrit languange. The main objectives of Cikrak are fighting for food waste reduction, helping the culinary businesses to extract the maximum possible value from their waste and generating waste as little as possible. Cikrak also produces some products by using food waste as the raw material and give an alternative recommendation of sustainable food waste management for commercial sectors, especially for culinary business sectors. Cikrak offers waste management services for culinary business whose food waste are from pre-consumption (raw) and post-consumption (cooked) phase. The system of the services include : separated waste collection bin, food waste processing to become new products, then selling and using the product. The products can be used for other sectors, such as farm and livestocks. In addition, the commitment of taking care of their waste by Cikraks clients (owners of the culinary business) will be documented and published as a campaign and education for public and other culinary businessman.

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