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Hi, my name is Adrit Rao. I am 13 years old from California, USA. I am a strong believer that technology can make a difference in the world! I am interested in software, hardware and the amazing AI (Artificial Intelligence). I am a self taught coder and enjoy spending hours programming. I am an iOS app developer and the winner of Apple’s WWDC 2020 Swift Student Challenge where Apple selected 350 students from across 41 countries. I was one of the 14 to meet Apples CEO Tim Cook. https://twitter.com/tim_cook/status/1275225681794748416/photo/1 I currently have 3 iOS apps on Apple’s App store. I created ShopQuik app during the start of COVID-19 pandemic. It is a crowdsourced app that helps people figure out shopping wait times. I was featured in CNET, a global technology and science web media. https://www.cnet.com/news/wwdc-how-apples-swift-student-challenge-winners-are-fighting-covid-19/ I am the Founder and CEO of Aretéch which is a non-profit organization. I like to help the world by using technology and that is what AdACause hopes to achieve. I created AdACause because I feel that it can help a lot of people in need using crowdfunding. The purpose of AdACause is to get people to help irrespective of their socioeconomic status. At Aretéch we are devoted to solving real world problems through technological innovations and we hope to continue for a long time. I am really happy that I started Aretéch because we can help the world in whatever way we can! Check out the new products coming to our website soon and all proceeds will go to further developing more innovative solutions and donating our products to people in need. I am really excited to be participating in the Entrepreneurship Campus Challenge.

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Adrit Rao