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I have the talent of videography and photography. I feel that I am expert in graphic designing also. My next goal is to learn app development and website development.

I´m constantly looking for

An app that would be developed by me(inshallah). I need learning in this field and skills to develop an app and achieve my goals.

My profile

I am Aeyan Raza studying in SMS AGA KHAN school in 9th class. Since childhood, I always had a dream to achieve something new. I have achieved A+ in all subjects and got distinction. I have also participated in HRCA and Kangaroo maths, achieved positions also. I have being the runner up in pak-china 2min short video competition, from all of these successes I got a motivation that ‘nothing is impossible’. I believe in Allah for my future successes. My mentors and my elders will always support me and help me to achieve my goals.

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Aeyan raza