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Leadership, Management, Online Marketing, Entrepreneurship

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Funding, Partnership, Web and Mobile APP developer

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My name is Muhammad Afiq Hariz Bin Khatem. You can call me Afiq. I’m from Malaysia. I’m currently persuing my first Degree in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. I was a leader from various organizations within campus and also outside. I was the President of Student Representative Council of University of Technology MARA Sarawak. Now I’m currently a member of a NGO which is named PIMPIN. I am also one of the Certified Online Business Trainer. I was given a certificate of participation from World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation and also TEDxKenyalang that was held in Sarawak. I do have other certificates from leadership workshop and various clubs where I was the member of the Committee. Other than that, I am currently actively participating in debate club in my campus.

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Muhammad Afiq Hariz Khatem