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Community service, Social media, Digital Business

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I have been a bronze member for a leading volunteering program. I have won an award for appreciation for volunteering a large number of hours.
I have been a fundraiser and a community volunteer for many different NGOs.
I am social media enthusiast and a blogger. I am a Systems Engineer by profression with keen interest in Social entrepreneurship

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Afreen Shaikh

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Have you imagined your grandpa being a chess champion ? Have you imagined your granny to be a top chef? Have you imagined retirees or elderly people climbing a school bus every morning and driving to their community? This project aims at including activities that can function as powerful new interventions to promote the physical and psychological health of elderly. It will be an organization for elderly similar to an institute including a number of clubs based on their interests, hobbies and professional fields. The organization will engage elderly into activities of their choice and interest and help them build a community to share and to help one another.

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Many women, due to a lot of different events during their lifetime such as marriage, child-birth, health issues,death of partner and divorce, remain jobless for the rest of their life. But every woman in this world has skills and hobbies which remain undiscovered. They can use these skills to earn by selling their products online, matching their skills with the requirement, advertising some events and forming a community to join hands and help each other. It is a one platform which can empower women from different backgrounds and in different situations. IT IS A SKILL LOCATOR, A MARKET AND A COMMUNITY BUILDER.

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