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I'm a fashion designer,a songwriter, a music and choreography instructor, drummer, lead guitarist and a motivational speaker.

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A platform to voice out my idea in my country,a team of young aspiring potential fashion designers and capital.

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I’m an 18yr old fashion school student and college undergraduate. I grew up in an environment where coming first in academics is the order of the day,representing my school in various debating competitions is made a compulsory duty which is the only thing I enjoy in both my middle and high school. My family made studying professional courses like medicine, engineering a family tradition;entrepreneurship is seen as a second option. My passion for fashion and business made me acquire more skills and knowledge I didn’t think I’d gain in college.I went to many fashion school but the tuition fee were too high, some where actually moderate but they’re less organised and their training is inefficient. My breakthrough came when I was able to partially convince my parent to allow me study Industrial design-Textile Design and I met an Indian fashion designer-Mr Taofiq Ahmed in my dad’s secretariat office;he did not only teach me fashion design, I also got some business experiences, learnt from his mistakes and practically re-innovated my ideas just by watching his every move with an entrepreneur mind’s eye. More so,reading books authored by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki,listening to their seminars and following my best Nigerian female fashion designer on social media has contributed to my zeal for entrepreneurship.

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