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Tourism Entrepreneur, Marketing Management specialist

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I am a Tourism entrepreneur and destination marketing multilingual Tourism developer with 10 years of experience in marketing, events, operations, sales, and Sustainable tourism especially. I was born in Bangladesh and came from a middle-class family. I completed my BA in Hotel management from Cyprus. Then I came to Germany to pursue my Master study in International Tourism Management. In December 2018 I completed my Master degree and my Master thesis topic was “Development Perspective of Green Hotels in Germany”. I really love the concept of eco-friendly hotels, that’s the reason i chose this topic. And now I am working on a green hotel and became self-employed when I founded my own website “green24travel.com” on 27 June 2019. My goals and vision are to motivate and inspire people to sustainable tourism with significance to the greater part of the community to be a Sustainable traveler. I have always had a passion and a dream to work for the benefit of society. My dream is driven by hard work and passion. Verifiable talent for increasing sustainable tourism management and creating a substantial increase in the development of eco-friendly tourism products, services, and facilities for future generations. I believe in my goals and ensuring that activities are run in an organized​ and effective manner.

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Md Ahad Bhuiyan