August 26, 2019 14:14

Hello Jonas,

WOW!! That's what came in my mind when I first see your video. Your project is the perfect example of thinking out of the box. I really thank you to choose this platform and share your creation with us. I pray and wish one-day "Boneza Ball|" will be listed in the sports world and hopefully in the Olympic too. With your clear mission and vision, you will achieve all of this, that you deserve.

God bless you. Keep working hard, never stop believing in yourself.

Best of luck.

Md Ahad Bhuiyan

August 23, 2019 15:21

Hello Sambridhi,

It's a great initiative to motivate people towards green traveling. I found your love and passion for sustainable travel is the biggest strengths. However, I believe you could spread the idea more and make a Sustainable business plan. The more marketing tools you will use the more develop your idea will be. Reading through to the details, I believe you can achieve your target to educate people so as I do. Here are some books recommendation that will help you in this process:

1. Managing Sustainability in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry: Paradigms and Directions for the Future by Vinnie Jauhari
2. Ecotourism and sustainable development by Martha Honey
3. Sustainable Tourism Business Development, Operations, and Management by Carol Patterson

Good luck fellow sustainable travel influencer.

Md Ahad Bhuiyan

August 23, 2019 12:20

Hello Islam,

It's really a great idea that I never heard before. Reading your project details I personally learned a lot. Thank you and congratulation for the innovative and creative idea to promote Kazakhstan scared and unknown tourist spots. I also feel you you could open facebook and Instagram page with the latest Kazakhstan tourism destinations at the same time, it will be a great advertising place for your scared tourism app marketing.

Marketing is the key and presentation is the door to welcome new tourist in Kazakhstan. Your marketing tools will help you to find the path of success. Down below is a resource to study and analyze for the development of scared tourism in Kazakhstan.


Best of luck and keep up your creative ideas.

Md Ahad Bhuiyan

August 20, 2019 23:33

Hello Delma,

You and your Resort doing a great job to protect the environment and promote sustainable tourism. There is no better way to show our gratitude for the world than this. Winning a competition is a recognition, but I must inform you that you are a winner. With your green resort project, you are already making positive changes for the environment and green society. However, I would recommend that there is always something that you can improve, that you can do socially, economically and environmentally sustainable resort for the sake of the environment.

Best of luck and go ahead.

Md Ahad Bhuiyan

August 20, 2019 23:18

Hello Rafael Enzler,

It's a great project to promote a green meeting. As a sustainable tourism student, I feel your project got all the positive elements inside. Moreover, I work in a Bio hotel and from my experience, I would suggest you have a green hotel with all-inclusive facilities for meetings and conferences. We as a hotel for meeting venue always offer green food, snacks, coffee, eco-friendly materials for meetings or any events.

If you want to share knowledge and experiences I always welcome you.

Best of luck for future challenges.

Md Ahad Bhuiyan

August 20, 2019 18:37

Hello Frau Küpper,

You and Fairaway doing great to promote more eco-friendly destinations all over the world. As a sustainable travel entrepreneur, I feel the world need us to educate more people about responsible for traveling and to protect the environment. However, every year billions of tourist are traveling and it's quite a huge task to teach them. Moreover, we can definitely work together and create an educated tourism group all over the world. I will also attend the Berlin travel festival in 2020. I hope you will see us soon.

Best of luck the upcoming challenges and help to bring positive changes for the environment.

Md Ahad Bhuiyan

Comment on: Kot Danda Agro Resort
August 20, 2019 18:14

Hello Bijaya Basnet,

It's a great project itself. Nepal is the land of ecotourism destinations. I feel Nepal need a more sustainable entrepreneur to conserve their eco-friendly destinations. You are doing great as the leader of a sustainable entrepreneur. There will be so many challenges to be a successful sustainable entrepreneur. Down below I recommend you some books and articles to read to power your wisdom about sustainability

1. Managing Sustainability in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry: Paradigms and Directions for the Future by Vinnie Jauhari
2. Ecotourism and sustainable development by Martha Honey
3. Sustainable Tourism Business Development, Operations, and Management by Carol Patterson

I wish you all the very best for your upcoming challenges and adventure. Always remember you are the best, there is no one better than you. You are competing yourself to bring a positive change to the society and environment.

Md Ahad Bhuiyan

Comment on: Re-cycling tour
August 20, 2019 17:42

Hello entrepreneur,

You are really an amazing person. First time I heard about the concept of re-cycling tour and its really an eye-catching project. I am really motivated about how you showing your gratitude for the society. I got some recommendations for your brother:

1. Besides promoting the project you can also rent and promote this to tourist as a tourism product.
2. Through this campaign, you could find sustainable tour operators to be your bikes sponsors and in return, their company label will be on the cycle.
3. From this re-cycle tour project, you can create a more re-cycling project as a sustainable tourism entrepreneur. Down below I have written some ideas for you:

Glass bottles.
Plastic bottles.
Paper rolls (from kitchen towel and toilet paper)
Stale bread.
Vegetable peelings.
Plastic Pots.

This link will help to find more re-cycling projects to create a sustainable business -

Good luck and think creative.

Md Ahad Bhuiyan

August 16, 2019 15:41

Hello Athony Jekanyika,

Your idea is great and innovative. GPS tracking system for the wild animal's conservation project will create the best development to environmental sustainability. Here is a link recommendation to study and analyze your potentials challenges:

Best of luck for your innovative and challenging idea.

Md Ahad Bhuiyan

Comment on: AwareWeGo App
August 16, 2019 14:57

Hello Dimitrios,

Awarewego app will help the foreign tourists to understand the ancient Greek culture and heritage. As you planned I believe with the English language features and instructions this will help the growing greek tourism industry and achieve the Sustainable development initiative. The Greek tourism industry is booming and the tourist numbers are increasing every year.

I kindly recommend you to input responsible for tourism and Sustainable traveling features about "Sustainable Greek traveling".

Wish you all the best for your upcoming challenges.

Md Ahad Bhuiyan