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Ahed Alshiraa


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programming skills, training skills, curricula skills

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Support in many ways such as monitoring and financial donation

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I am Ahed, I had lived in a small village in north Jordan i had studied in small school , i was a superior in studying in that school because i have a dream which is improve my self and improve my community so i studied hard and complete a bachelor of computer science in Al Albayt university , after graduation after being free from studying i found the Syrian refugee and the youth from Syria and Jordan face a lot of challenges to build their lives so i had to be a volunteer in community based organization to help youth to be more active and to find jobs , while volunteering in community based organization , I volunteered in Non-Profit organization which called Acted in WFP program which was working on improve food security and nutrition after that i moved to another NGO which is Norwegian Refugee Counsel which is mean in development i am working in Youth Program which is working in youth capacity building until now as a trainer ,supervisor and assistant