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hi i am 17 and a wanna be entrepreneur dream to chage the world by helping in decreasing carbon emission and aim to launch fabulous consumer product functioning on renewables to save the world….but also setbacks are i read in a military school(as my parents instigated me to) i get very small opportunity…but beyond all of parents prohibition i am always dreaming to change the world and working with a friend of mine Abdul Kaium.. many ideas dizzying our head lets pray and see whether we can change the world or not…and dont tell my mom thats um doing this

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food sharing website---FEED ME

around the world,in thousands of houses there are excess food are cooked and wasted .Whereas thousands people are starving everyday or have in convenience of cooking for many reasons.like ,a busy life, absence of time.so in a neighbourhood if the excess food is shared with the well off people having inconvenience for money then thousand tons of food can be saved nd financial benefit can be gained.so this website helps in this.here people will post their excess food amount cooked and money they are willing to trade in and those interested to buy will visit and buy..this will offer fair competition among producers so nutritious food will automatically gain high price thus nutritional benefit can be gained.

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