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Edwin Agwupuye


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My fields of expertise are Agriculture and Technology. Through knowledge integration and several training received, I have developed a unique way of converting some basic agricultural wastes(such as cassava peels,yam peels,palm branches, rabbit urine etc) into useful products such as black medicinal soap,pig feed,rabbit feed and poultry feed,liquid fertiliser, all from my existing farm.

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I am constantly looking for training opportunity and sponsorship in terms of mentoring and funding in order to live my dreams of food production and employment for my community and the world at large.

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I am Edwin Agwupuye,born into the family of Mr.& Mrs Anthony Akah in Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River State,Nigeria.
I studied Physics/ Integrated science in College level and Physics/Education in the university level. During my years of working as a teacher,I watched with pity how poverty and hunger ravaged my community. In my quest to help my people, my vision and dreams widen then I started a foundation Known as ”GREATER TOMORROW”,where I groomed young people to be self-reliance through agriculture .Within a period of 2 years,my passion and desire developed drastically in agriculture through constant practice in the foundation.My success became visible a year later when I raised 7 young entrepreneurs who are now employers of labour and food producers in Obudu Local Government Area.Through several training received from Africa Managers Initiative (AMI),Kenya and LEAD Nigeria,I gained insight on how I can convert almost all agricultural waste products into useful domestic and farm products.With these ongoing achievements,I was given an award/recognition as the best Author and Entrepreneur of the year in 2015/2016 academic session in St. Paul’s Catholic Church University of Calabar,after pitching and presenting my compilation on poultry farming in a contest organised by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria.
I see challenges as opportunity,conquering them as the inevitable outcome.