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Tameka Hill


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Free Her

Free Her is a campaign that focusses particularly on young girls (to a lesser extent young boys) who have been victims of Human Trafficking or are potential victims of the crime. The campaign would seek to educate and advocate to and for young girls between the ages of 14- 24 years old. Through Free Her young women would become empowered to speak up about sexual abuse, or aspects of Human Trafficking and would become knowledgeable of the proper channels of reporting. The project would incorporate elements of the arts through education and media and communication. The goal of the project is to promote the actions and activities of Free Her which will seek to protect our children and youths from the dangers of Human Trafficking. The specific objectives are: to increase awareness, understanding and support for the police force in the fight against Human Trafficking as a priority on the development agenda. As well as to encourage greater support from the private sector organisations to buy into the initiative through advocating for urgent and increased action within the framework of the implementation of the Action Plan.

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