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Kariim Ishaq


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nanotechnology, water purification, carbon nanotubes and paints production

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An helping hand with ocean of entrepreneurial skills coupled with financial for effective startup of my idea into an appreciable economic needs

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Actually, I’m a graduate of Chemical Engineering with two three years of experience in the field of nanotechnology. I was member of a research group that first produce carbon nanotubes in Nigeria via a CVD technique. My interest in skill acquisition and convincing proposal writing has made me a winner of two prestigious Entrepreneurship award including the Growth and Empowerment project of the federal ministry of Industry, trade and Investment and the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program, TEEP2016 both targeting the production and packaging of paints.

Meanwhile, the challenge of unavailability/scarcity of pure water for consumption also motivated me in embarking on the water purification project aiming in addressing human problem and also for the generation of income.