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Fishery, Training, Cassava, Renewable energy and clean cookstove

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I Mr. Akin Onoriode Collins had a vision to implement a Venture which is a social enterprise that will based in Agbarho – Delta State with a mission to develop solution that encompasses Agriculture, energy, health, economy, environment (adaptation /mitigation) and technology solution for rural/riverside area Nigeria in order to alleviate poverty and mitigate hunger. I am also a promoter of climate change mitigation and adaptation due to the fact that even if climate is mitigated today, adaptation will be the only option.

I have worked as a voluntary mentor with Youth Enterprise With Innovation In Nigeria (YouWIN) to over see and mentor some projects like fish farming, jatropha famring, soaping making etc to mention but few these are projects that help to alleviate povery and put food on the table of family.

Also into a provision of locally manufactured and design dual purpose affordable, efficient clean cookstove that cook and generate electricity while cooking using metal. It is optimized for rural /riverside households due to the use of firewood, and our improved efficient cook-stoves, saves lives, money, environment and our forests.

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Onoriode Collins Akin