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akongo Benza


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Tororo fish farming

Tororo youth fish farming is a business idea where cut fish, Mirror cup and Tilapia fish species will be raised in a fish ponds for a period of six month and the fish will be harvested and sold to the people . The objective of the enterprise is to dig up three fish ponds with a capacity of holding 5000 fish each in a period of two months and then raise 15,000 fish in six month and sell the fish to the people. The activities include : digging up of three fish ponds, fencing the ponds, fertilizing the ponds so that natural food for fish is available in the ponds, stock the ponds with young fish, feed the fish using fish meal which will be bought for six months and then harvest the fish and sell it. After harvesting the fish, the ponds will be cleaned and then restock it with young fish. The business is innovative in that it has both environmental and economic benefits. The fish ponds will help conserve fish and other microscopic aquatic plants and animals and the fish raised will generate income to the youth group. The initial cost of digging up the ponds is high but after the ponds have been dug, the operation costs become very small and the profits are high. The ponds can be used for many years. The natural resource for fish farming is a permanent water source which we have and the fish consumed in our area is got from Lake Victoria which is a distance of 200km a way and this makes fish in our area to be very expense and in addition to that, the number of fish in lakes in Uganda is reducing. The demand for fish is very high.

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kick poverty agricultural enterprise -Uganda

kick poverty Agricultural enterprise Uganda is a youth enterprise which will involves ten youths in commercial growing of crops like ground nuts, maize, soya beans, cassava and rice. The main objective of the enterprise is to: To grow three acres each of the above named crops every planting season. The activities of the enterprise will include hire of land for growing of crops, the land will be cleared and both first and second ploughing done. After the land has been ploughed, the crops will be planted. The enterprise will plant improved quality seeds and planting material such as cassava steams whose yields are very high. The enterprise will use recommended spacing and spraying which will give high yields. Both first, second and to some crops third and fourth weeding will be done. After weeding, the enterprise will then wait for the crops to mature and then harvesting of the crops will be done and marketing of the produce will follow. The innovation of the enterprise is that the enterprise is going to apply recommended improved scientific approach to produce very high yields. The enterprise will use two set of oxen to provide plough services will is cost effective and most of the labor force will be provided by the members themselves.

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