August 1, 2016 23:40

i admire the idea

Comment on: Wasteless
August 1, 2016 23:38

great initiative

Comment on: Envast
August 1, 2016 23:31

motivation is a great tool in children's learning. keep the good work

August 1, 2016 23:22

One of the good benefits of this competition is the insightful comments. the comments and suggestions are well considered by Alamonk team. we need more of it, more votes, more suggestions ad more encouragement. Thank you friends for your support.

August 1, 2016 22:36

great initiative around ICT world

Comment on: OUR CRIES
August 1, 2016 22:30

On daily basis children pass through harassment without anybody to talk to. this is a good platform that brings sustainable solution. keep it up

August 1, 2016 22:20

reading through the project again, i still encourage you to keep the good work

August 1, 2016 22:16

i like the initiative

August 1, 2016 22:13

nice initiative. keep it up

August 1, 2016 22:03

I am already salivating, really wish to have a test. good job friend