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My name is Obumneke Alan Onyeke. A Nigerian from the Ibo speaking region of Southern Nigeria. A Bachelor of Science degree holder in Computer Science from Caritas University Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria. Fluent in English and Igbo languages.
An aspiring 25 year old fashion designer and industrialist. A Natural born astute leader and innovator evidenced throughout my academic career up till the period of National Youth Service (NYSC).
Despite never receiving a formal knowledge or training on environmental sciences and natural conservation, I have a strong inborn desire to participate actively in the conservation of the earth resources and ecological system as well as promotion of tourism especially in Nigeria were natural tourism is almost forgotten. This desire stems from my dislike from the overstretching and over usage of natural resources in Nigeria. This resources if not conserved would lead to extinction and desertification.
This keen desire was seen during my National Youth Service (Oct 2010 – Oct 2011). Being deployed to Plateau State (Home of Peace and Tourism), I visited different tourist sites such as: Wase Rock, Pandam Game Reserve, Kura Falls, Jos Wildlife park, Panyam Fish Farm etc and developed a web presence for potential tourist viewing. This project won me THE CHAIRMAN GOVERNING BOARD AWARD.
Awards and recognition include:
1. Headmaster’s Award for Class Prefect: (July 1994)
2. Neatest Classroom (Class Prefect) :Oct 1999
3. Award for Essay writing: Enugu State Agricultural Development Programme, (ENADEP): Oct 2003
4. First Runner Up, Mr. Pretty Face Beauty Competition: Nov 2010
5. Member NYSC Guard B Parade Squad: Nov 2010
6. Tallest Corps Member: Sept 2011
7. NYSC Plateau State Chairman Governing Board Honors Award: Oct 2011
8. Caritas University Alumni Association (CUAA) Ambassadorial Award: Nov 2011

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obumneke onyeke


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Alanpee Aqua Farms

MAIN OBJECTIVES 1. To assist assiduously in the promotion of fish farming in Nigeria and in the West African sub region. 2. To reduce poverty through job creation 3. To be a pioneering figure in large scale fishery in Nigeria 4. To conserve Nigerias natural resources (aquatic life). 5. To maximize the need for constant search into better methods of production in Nigeria. Alanpee Aqua Farms would consist of two departments: commercial and industrial. THE COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Rearing of different fish species (tilapia, catfish, salmon) in massive quantity from fingerlings to adult stage in a well constructed bank-side artificial lake partly by excavation and partly by the construction of a complete embankment in the ground with a circumference of about 3kms and 10ft deep. Water from neighbouring river Niger is pumped into the newly constructed lake made impermeable with puddle clay. Treatment and recycling of water is done by employing the RECIRCULATION AQUACULTURE SYSTEM. THE INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT At maturity, fishes are harvested daily in thousands, slaughtered using the PERCUSSIVE STUNNING METHOD and divided into two. The first half is packaged, frozen and disbursed to local consumers. The second half is cleaned, salted and dried. Afterwards, packaged and supplied to local consumers. Using the INTEGRATED MULTI-TROPIC AQUACULTURE (IMTA), fish byproducts are recycled into fish feeds and fish oils. INNOVATIVE APPROACHES The Nigerian aquatic industry is subsistence (indoor fish ponds and tanks); therefore my idea would usher in a previously nonexistent approach to aquaculture (artificial lake). Nigerians depend solely on imported seafood. My venture would be a pioneer in home based seafood production such as: fish oil and fish feeds.

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