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Alicja Singh


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Communication management of creative industries, such as cinema, fashion and food; Classic Languages and Culture Studies (Greek and Latin). I'm an eclectic and creative person: I love writing and screenwriting, and art and fashion design, as well as photography and videomaking. Social sciences, such as philosophy and sociology, are at the core of my academic research; and my interdisciplinary studies embrace anthropology and comparative literatures also. Both Italian and Polish are my mothertongues, and I speak English and Spanish as well. As I've been studying and practicing acting for ten years, my projects often make references to theater and cinema, and to pluralistic implications of intercultural comparisons between both classic and contemporary movies, plays and musicals.

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I'm constantly looking for constructive collaboration and dialogue with people belonging to different socio-cultural contexts: I believe that every day I can broaden my horizons and my knowledge through active participation into international cross-cultural projects and initiatives. Being a curious and eclectic person, I love creating connections between different fields of expertise, and, as I am sociable and eager to learn, I'm looking forward to collaborating with people with a strong entrepreneurial vocation. I believe in Humanity in the broader and deepest meaning of the word, and I want to improve our societies and our future, by promoting inclusive projects and ideas, as well as making people more and more aware of discrimination, inequalities and violation of human rights within different geo-political contexts and fields of expertise. I'm constantly looking for people who share my social and cultural commitment and can enrich my worldview, helping me become the best version of myself.

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During my classical studies at the Italian high school “Liceo Classico Pietro Verri”, I’ve achieved the First prize in both the 2018 and the 2019 editions of the International Competition in Classic Languages and Culture “CICERO” ( Certamen In Concordiam Europae Regionumque Orbis) in the category “classic culture”, and the third prize in the category “translation from Latin”. I’ve also taken part in several Greek and Latin competitions and I was honoured to be among the finalists of the “Classical Languages and Culture National Olympics” in 2019. I’m currently studying (in English) “Communication Management” of creative industries at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, and my main fields of research are fashion, food and media studies. I also attend “Comparative Literature Studies” and “Anglo-American Cultural Anthropology” courses. My curriculm includes the following online courses also: “Communication during Global Emergencies”, by Emory University; “The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs”, by the University of Toronto; and “Digital Journalism for Reporters”, “Evolutionary Psychology” and “Google Analytics” by Master University (these last three courses were held in Italian). I’ve participated in some webinars in Communication by Vogue Talents and Sustainability Italia and the Italian food brand “GialloZafferano”; and I’ve taken part in several workshops as well, such as the “SIGU DNA Day”, by the European Society of Human Genetics, the “VIRGO project”, by the European Gravitational Observatory (EGO), the “CNAO project”, by the Italian “National Radiotherapy Oncology Center”, and “Management of Creativity: Geniality and Enhtrepreneurship within Commercial Entreprises”, “From Ideas to Entreprises”; “Management of Creative Industries: Value Creation and Extraction” and “A Successfull Fashion Startup Case Study” by the Bocconi University in Milan (these last four workshops were held in Italian). I’ve also participated in the “Ca’ Foscari Summer School” by the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice in 2019; and I’m a member of the Biopage Writers Community. My Performing Arts background includes several acting and musical courses, performances and experiences: I attend online classes at the “Acting School Stop”, and I’m a member of the Italian “TroppaTrama” theater company. I’ve performed at the “Teatro alle Vigne” in Lodi and the “Piccolo Teatro” in Milan, and I have a deep knowledge of Ancient and Classic Theater and Shakespeare’s Plays.