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Alicja Singh


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All creative fields: writing, acting, drawing and painting. I love philosophy, art history, fashion design, social sciences and languages. I speak Italian, Polish and English and I'm studing Spanish.

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I look for collaboration and dialogue with people coming from different social context: I believe every day I can enrich my culture and my personality. I love creating connections between different fields of tknowledge and I hope that, collaboration with people with a strong entrepreneurial vocation, I will develop ideas to improve our society

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During my classical studies at the Italiano Liceo Classico, I’ve achieved the First prize in both the 2018 and 2019 editions of the International competition CICERO ( Certamen In Concordiam Europae Regionumque Orbis) in the category “classical culture” and the thirth prize in the category “translation from Latin”. I’ve taken part in several Greek and Latin competitions and in the Classical Languages and Culture National Olympics in 2019.