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I am a volunteer since 2006 in the NGO WiSDOM association, working in the field of sustainable development and women empowerment. I have taken part in different activities such as awareness raise of population on well protection and assessing the level of nitrates in the wells, implication of theatre children group in promotion of EcoSan toilets, awareness raise on waste management activities via eco-theatre. During 2014 I have participated in Young Enviornmental Leaders summer school (3 weeks), Szentendre and Budapest, Hungary. During 2006-2010 I have attended the School of Arts, currently I’m finalizing the West University of Timisoara, specialization in translation (English and Spanish). I plan to pursue MSc in photography and work in the area of portrait photography and beauty industry, particularly the make up and portrait photography. Interested to implement interesting projects that benefit women with the help of local resources, following the principles of social enterprise.

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Alina Andreev