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Alina Arustamyan


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TechStyle is a textile enterprise that produces hand made clothes designed by art students and newly graduates in third countries and sells them online. For the production of clothes TechStyle employs women with secondary education, who are unemployed, and have very good skills in textile industry. The design and concept of the clothes is developed by talented young specialists who have creative ideas for models and need to realize them in hands on projects during and after their studies at modelling schools and art academies. TechStyle is an attempt to use today's technological achievements, that is online stores, for the purposes of stimulationg a market environment for local textile production where people with different levels of education will have the chance to cooperate together contributing the craft skills of tailors and the ideas of young specialists into one initiative. On the other hand, TechStyle is a great opportunity to develop a market for local textile production in a country where there is a 1,5 per cent annual rate of emigration, the biggest amount of which include men and women with secondary education. Armenia is a small landlocked developing country with 35 per cent poverty rate and 57 per cent of unemployment rate. Based on that and many other factors, TechStyle tries to support those who are trying hard to improve the quality of life by migrating to other countries.

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