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Sustainable Agriculture, Research and Agricultural Training

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I need a startup capital to record the Farmers Show and get it on TV.

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I am Alina Ntsiapane, a 26 year old female from South Africa. I am a well-organized and dependable PhD candidate in Sustainable Agriculture. I have passion for sustainable agriculture, research, international development and agricultural training. Because of my passion and the love to help reduce hunger and poverty and to help achieve other Sustainable Developmental Goals, I have given training on South African nation TV, on how to start vegetables at home (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDB-IO8Xi2o&t=14s). I have also formed part of the UFS team, and we were announced the world champion in food and agribusiness competition for International Food and Agribusiness Management Association(IFAMA) case study competition (https://www.harvestsa.co.za/2021/01/06/ufs-students-are-world-champions-in-food-and-agribusiness-competition/). I have again won an international competition after presenting my PhD study for International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) Capacity Development Challenge for 2022(https://www.ufs.ac.za/templates/news-archive-item/campus-news/2022/may/phd-student-alina-ntsiapane-dominates-in-international-research-pitching-contest). My records reflect my hard work, I have cum lauded both my undergrad and my honours degree. With my excellent communication skills, I can develop and maintain successful working relationships with both the internal and external environment.

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