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I have knowledge in general nursing and midwifery, Community mobilization,Capacity building programs,Community entry approaches, facilitation skills in training workshops project management, climate Change management .

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Looking for a sponsor to fund my project. I am also looking for expertise in renewable resources to guide me further.

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I am Ali Saidi from Malawi and currently am staying in Blantyre, but my home town is Mangochi in the same country Malawi. So far I managed to get a diploma in nursing and midwifery, diploma in Project Management, and a 1 year university diploma in Community Development. In 2021 through the my company I managed to get a grant from Global Changemakers to run a first phase of a project called Fighting Against Natural Threats Amongst Humans Humans,
Since my last school while working at Busy Youth Organization I have been attending online trainings hosted by UNICEF, WHO, USAID,HIVHEALTH and Global Changemakers.
I have won the both employer of the year in 2020 and numerous employer of the month awards from Busy Youth Organization.

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Ali Saidi