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1.Tutorial Gate e+Quality in Education
Tutorial Gate is a project of mine that aims to offer distance learning lesson to students of Greece and later expand aboard.
2.GTC Coursera Team
Global Translator Team of Coursera.org aims to translate all the available webinars and lessons into many languages in order to make them accessible to people who do not have English language efficiency.
3.20-20 STEM GeoGebra STEM Challenge
My goal in this project was to create a STEM experiment using GeoGebra educational program in order to help people understand and practise on how the motion of an electron changes in a homogenous electromagnetic field.
The work can be found here : http://physicslab.geogebra.gr/wordpress/?page_id=104

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Alkis Vakalis


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Tutorial Gate e+Quality in Education

According to the National Bureau of Statistics,almost 80% attend tutorial lessons,due to the poor educational system.The cost averages the 1/9th of a familys annual income.Due to recession many students cannot afford lessons resulting a 30% lower chance of entering university.Many students live in remote areas and cannot attend lessons 1.Use of technology to achieve a low cost operation 2.Quality education through the careful selection of tutors,use of technological programs,participation in educational projects 3.Equality in education as students from remote areas will be able to access tutors 4.Freelessons to students from low income families 5.40-50%lower rates than the convetional tutorials

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