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Data Science, Machine Learning, Telecommunication Systems Engineering, Excel, Python, Java, Kotlin, R, Astronomy.

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My name María de la Almudena Martín Gómez, but most people call me Almudena :)

I am a Data Science and Engineering and Telecommunication System Engineering second year student. In addition to the fact that I am passionate about science and computers, I really love entrepreneurship. In particular, I am a member of JumpStartUp Community (a community of 50 young people selected from all over Spain who help primitive companies to develop). Moreover, I have been a finalist in national and international contests with some projects.

On the other hand, I have been a Red Cross volunteer for many years. This allows me to detect a problem: The difficulty for nurses and people on whom the elderly depend to remember and organize the amount of pills senior citizens should swallow. That is the reason why I plan to create this useful and meaningful app.

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María de la Almudena Martín Gómez


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