I am..

First name / Last name

Amarachi Ezeigwe


Project Overview

Bead making/ designing and wirework art jewellery

My major objective is to design beautiful and exotic beads and wirework jewelleries for local marketing and distribution and then gradually it can be developed so that the beads and wireworks produced can be marketed and distributed internationally. Further more women nad men can easily learn it from me. This can be achieved by obtaining a shop that will be lightly furnished with chairs, tables fan, curtains and other decorating materials. Having furnished this shop, bead and wire work making materials like Gizmo, wire twister, mountain mondria, wonder nitter/French nitter, cutter, flat nose and round nose will be purchased. These are the basic materials needed to start up a bead and wirework enterprise. Other sophisticated materials can be purchased as the business progresses. Concurrently, after purchasing the above materials, different types of beads and sizes of wires will be bought and thereafter sample production will commence. The few examples of beads to begin with include sand beads, rice bead, beans bead, crystal, tom tom bead, bullet bead, and coated bead and tire beads. The sizes of wires (copper coated) to be bought include 0.90mm, 0.70mm, 0.50mm, 0.315mm, and 0.20mm ranging in colours of copper gold, wire gold, silver coated wires and many other colours. The essence of producing sample is to create awareness. This will inform people that exotic beads and wirework are being produced in such a place. Exotic and charming bead necklaces, earring, hand bands/bracelets, bead belt for men and women, bead bags, bead purses, bead flowers vases and different designs of wire work will be the few examples of the things to be designed. From this stage, it is a prayer for this enterprise to metamorphose to a larger even a bead production industry where demands and supplies will be made throughout the whole world.

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