August 27, 2017 22:45

Awesome idea Twinkle!
We have unknowingly discriminated this section of society for centuries just for the reason that they don't fit in our own binary of male and female. Here in India we have new laws legislated that will empower them. Reservation in colleges and jobs are some of the benefits provided to them . Your idea of economic empowerment of this section is appreciated. I have posted a similar idea "Pads that empower", that is aimed at empowering women. If you have time please go through it and let me know if any improvement is required.

Comment on: House of Green
August 27, 2017 22:34

Hi Zulfi,
Your idea is great. Farmers are facing the challenges of climate change , erratic weather pattern, lesser yields. Giving them free seeds will surely reduce the input cost. I feel this idea has a potential to impact lives of millions. Iyou have time then please look for my idea "Pads that empower". If you like and think it has potential do vote.


Comment on: Click
August 27, 2017 22:17

Hi Nino,
Very Nice Idea. Children are spending a lot of time with phones but for all the wrong reasons. This initiative can be impactful and improve the learning outcomes. If you have time , do visit my idea "Pads that empower".

August 23, 2017 22:01

Very Nice idea! It will immensely help the students , moreover the chances of getting paid jobs after course completion will increase. Initially if you find the arrangement for equipments , teachers and training infrastructure difficult then you can start as a consultant who may connect the corporations and schools. Big , medium and small industries can be contacted for what kind of skills they are looking for, later such skills can be specifically provided to students.

Comment on: Green Space
August 23, 2017 16:33

Hi Team GreenSpace,
Great idea!. The major challenge seems to convince property owners to rent their property. Also consult with architects about the maintenance cost that rooftop gardens incur. High rise buildings will have lesser elderly and kids as visitors as they perceive certain risks. Owners may be reluctant to allow passage from within their house to the rooftop as many strangers may be visiting it.
Suggestion: You may consider community centres(Low rise), Hospitals and abandoned parks initially for this wonderful idea. By rejuvenating Municipal owned parks that are rarely maintained by them, will be a good point to start.
I think considering these challenges and designing the solution accordingly will make your idea more robust and workable. All the best.

Comment on: EDU-CELL
August 22, 2017 20:29

Hi Shuhra,
The idea is really good. However I wanted to know what is the tele-density in Afghanistan, and on top of that how many female members in family have access to the mobile phones. For deprived sections of the society, education
is not an attractive venture to invest. For this we have to incentivize education.
Suggestion: By collecting the data on no. of mobile phones and no. of females having access to it, we can accurately determine how many lives can be impacted. Secondly, we need to incentivize education , either monetary or non monetary. For Ex: When a girl clears an exam and moves to next level she may get some free books.