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I am a passionate young environmental and development advocate who strives for the development and equalization of economic and social livelihood among Africans. I have learned and implemented environmental and social development skills into the building of awareness on climate change through ‘climate action’ girl voices, wildlife conservation awareness through multiple essay writings and mass media advocacies ‘plant for future’, and the initiation of the ‘Volunteer as a CAMFED Alumnae to fight for girls rights and eradicate Teenage pregnancy.

Getting award , scholarships and also affiliation to organizations like CAMFED Ghana, MasterCard Foundation Worldwide, and International Model United Nations and wildlife conservation. I have a pool of alumni bodies ready to support to my sustainable initiatives for Africa. my goal is set at coming out with help solve climate problems to agriculture and steps that will enable the improvement of the green vegetation of the African continent and reduction of Global warming in the ecosystems and reducing poverty.
‘As Africans, I do have the believe we are made to make things happen. We have an envious breed of knowledge and excellence in us that the other world fights for’. “And every step of excellence and learning through competitions, advocacies, workshops, travels, events, and personal studies….my dream of seeing a strong Africa that will inspire the the younger generations will come to a reality.”

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Amobey Debora Anyawenna


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