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Leadership, Public Speaking, Graphic & Print Design, Piano & Electronic Keyboard

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I require funds to launch social media campaigns for my initiative and thereby increase engagement. I'm also looking for student volunteers who're willing to engage with Kudrat and create awareness and impact within their own circles.

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I’m a high-school student from the city of Lucknow, India. I’m an active participant in Model UN conferences through which I was exposed to global issues and challenges. More importantly, I fully, truly understood the gravity and the intricacies of the problems we face, as a global community and as individual citizens. A constant engagement with the problems of today has motivated me to become a change-maker.

I’m currently the Head Boy of my school and have been a student leader previously as well. I nurture a passion for public speaking and print designing, which has led me to establish my own print design and branding venture, ‘Inkdeed’. I’ve also been a pianist since 11 years and hold a Level 3 Certificate in Graded Examination from Trinity College London. My academic accolades include National Rank 5 in the International English Olympiad, State Rank 2 in the Unified Cyber Olympiad and I’ve been a National Semi-Finalist for Classmate Spell Bee too.

I hope to become an entrepreneur and create an impact within my own community and in the world.

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Amogh Narain Agarwal


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