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Ana Carolina Biazotti


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Marketing, innovative ideas to improve processes, organization and strategical planning

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incentive, partnership, critics and people of good will

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Since I was a child I was encouraged to explore my potential, I could choose whatever I want to do as long as I start and finish it. Furthermore, I learned very early through my parents, that I should bring solutions to people and not problems, therefore I developed an analytical and consistent way of thinking, as soon as I identified a problem, I thought about how to solve it and not on giving it to my teachers, parents or friends.
Very early I noticed that my dream job would be helping people, improving their lives, helping them get out of hard situations and I got a big chance to get an excellent education.
When I was 17 years old, I got the chance to study in Germany, what I took without thinking much. I was able to learn German very quick and to finish German school in six months (what I needed to enter on a German university). I worked hard and finished the university on time; I was part on a university Student Consulting as marketing manager and did an outstanding job during my internship in Berlin.
Moreover, when I finished university, I moved to Shanghai to work and to learn Mandarin, what I did as well. There, I could get some work experience and also do a lot of social work for Caritas and the church, helping getting funds for the tsunamis on the Philippines and also helping local people. I rediscovered a passion.
I worked so hard to get to this point, now, I hope to help many with my idea.

Project Overview

Social work, yes, we can!

During my childhood, university and working life, I noticed that many people want to volunteer to do social work, but don't know how. When I was engaged on any project, people asked me, if they could help as well, because they wanted to do it, but they didn't know how to find projects to engage in. When I saw catastrophes happening, I and other people wanted to help and we didn't know how. Therefore, my idea is to create an APP and website, where people can easily find volunteer work near their homes or workplaces, projects that they didn't even know that exists nearby or specific ones that they would like to help as special for children, animals, elders, minorities, sports, etc or even to spend money on an specific project or to send it to an problem area or to donate food, etc, endless possibilities. There should be a database, where institutions and people could subscribe their ongoing projects and their needs, as for example, volunteers, money, food, furniture, sport materials, etc and a part for peoples ideas to improve their neighborhoods or help someone or some institution, and list what they also need to start their projects. On the other side, there should be a search panel, where people could search for social work to engage in. They could search by location, by topic, by categories, by age, etc. It is easy to assemble such idea, it is feasible for all countries and it isnt expensive. To boost this idea we could promote this website and APP on companies, universities, schools, social media, communities, etc! However to set up, I need a big help of a trustful institution as I need to get many social projects to enter the database and a strong support to make the project known. Let's us help people, helping people!

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