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My experience includes technical, social and environmental aspects of water and sustainable development, as well as project management, water governance, training and educational aspects. Among my abilities, I can highlight as main factors: resilience, motivation, communication, creativity and responsibility. As qualifications I seek to improve in my area of research, SDG, public policies and sustainable development.

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Financial support and networking with passionate people for the issues of development, water and sanitation.

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Ana Claudia Hafemann is an Administrative and Institutional Director at Regulatory Agency AGIR, in Brazil. Works in the public area for 08 (eight) years, of which 06 (six) have been working for basic sanitation services. She is responsible for the performance of the institution, as dictated by the strategic planning. Responsibilities include: Formulating and successfully implementing institution policy.
Coordinator of the Technical Commission of Environment and Sanitation of the Collegiate of Public Consortia of the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Member of the Research Group on Public Policies of the University of Blumenau – FURB. Accepted Accountant – Dtcom. Volunteer of the United Nations UN. Was an external tutor in the Superior Course in Technology in Financial Management and in the Superior Course in Technology in Management Processes of Uniasselvi University.

Areas of expertise: Sustainable Development Goals, Regional Development, Sustainability, Regulation, Basic Sanitation, Water Resources, Governance, Social Control and Civil Society.

Master in progress in Regional Development by the University of Blumenau – FURB. Specialization in MBA in Management and Municipal Public Policies by the Uniasselvi University. Specialization in Distance Education: Management and Tutoring by the Uniasselvi University. Graduation in Business Administration by the University of Blumenau – FURB.

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Ana Claudia Hafemann