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I´m a final semester student of Industrial Design
I´m 30 years old. I´ve worked in the field for 6 years designing for shoe companies and graphic design companies. I´ve been also interpreter in many international footwear expo shows. Two of my projects are being considered for innovative products companies in the field of agriculture and education.
I´m also an english teacher in Colombia.

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Andrés González


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The idea is to create fine low environmental shoes by using natural fiber materials and reducing the usage of complex polymers and dyed leather. By using this natural fibers as pineapple , yute and cañaflecha fiber, the shoe manufacturing environmental impact could be reduced taking into account that the dying process for leathers is one of the most contaminating industrial processes. Complex polymers used for soles, linings and other parts of the shoes have a long degradation time, affecting natural environments. These natural fiber are traditionally used by native and farmer communities. These communities will be included in the project as suppliers helping them to reduce poverty. In order to make these shoes wearable and successful , a new design and manufacturing process must be created. Natural fibers must be also tested and new natural materials will be add to the process. The industrial design process based on users needs will let these shoes reach the fashion, luxury and design customers.

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