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Cage fish farmer and poultry farmer

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Looking for funding that will primarily allow me achieve market validation that will be used to attract further investment to scale up my project

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I am passionate about sustainable agri-business. It is my goal to drive change in my community by showing the youth especially that, to engage in long term agri-business one must be mindful of the environmental eco-system and climate change. My current thoughts are driven by an adversity I faced 5 years ago as a poultry farmer where I had to close (due to negligible profits) my business due to expensive feeds which were due mainly to the high price of protein ingredients. I then ventured into fish farming where I faced the same feed challenge. This time round however I decided not to quit business but find a solution to the feeds challenge. I decided to research/explore an alternative source protein for animal feed use. Currently my project is producing animal feed using Black soldier fly larvae bred on an industrial scale as a source protein for animal feed.

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Andy Acon


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