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Angesom Ghebremeskel Teklu


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Research, project planning, Implementation, coordination, management, M&E.

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Fund raising, including marketing, communications, and personal networking.

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I am a young development professional, a watch dog, an advocate for the excluded, a service provider, a capacity builder for citizens, and an incubator for new ideas/organizations.

Project Overview

Forestry and Farming a way through: Aloe Vera the green gold amongst us

For countries located in the arid, semi arid and mountainous parts of the world, like my country Eritrea; cutting trees and clearing forests to create farmlands seems the only option to feed the population. Although the approach sustains the food security of the population for a short time, the merciless cutting and destruction of forest resources have resulted in environmental degradation and expansion of desertification. Land is exposed to erosion and the fertile part of the soil has been depleted. Therefore to combat this alarming situation different sectors of government have been involving in a strategy of seizing farmlands from the population and reforest them. Still this approach meets a strong opposition from the population whose live hood is completely dependent on farming. It seems as if there is no way in collaborating the need of the population and nature. Therefore, I come up with a strategy of, planting multipurpose species. This is because planting multipurpose species will provide the assurance of growth, an economic benefit and environmental sustainability. My mind goes to Aloe Barbadensis Miller (Aloe vera or true Aloe) plant which has been of most use to mankind because of its multiple benefits I choose Aloe vera not only because it is simple to grow, but also it is a native crop that grows naturally in most parts of the country, including my mothers village. If we effectively utilize this plant we will be one of the greatest producers in the regional and international markets where the demand is sky rocketing. My primary objective of this project was to meddle between humans and the environment -what a peace keeper. My other objective was a contribution: in addition to the promise held by the Eritrean people and government to heal my country countless damage.

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