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Ankit Aakash is a young professional and sustainability leader who has been advocating the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is keenly focussed towards bringing educational, healthcare and social change that contributes in building an equitable society in the world through serving local communities. Aakash’s dedication and passion to bring significant social change is mobilized and led enthusiastically by different renowned national and international organisations to build and work on his globally recognized and awarded project “Community Cohorts”.

Community Cohorts is an initiative with a mission to democratize educational framework in the local communities of India and to channelize it to build and empower the underprivileged sections of the society with right set of education, leadership, solution orientation and healthy hygienic practices. Aakash’s mission to serve the local communities for an educated, healthy and leading society has also been recognized by United Nations. Got selected among 500 young candidates from 50+ countries to attend the United People Global Sustainability Leadership Class of 2021, he underwent through 9 weeks of rigorous training by leading experts and institutions to be ambassador for a more sustainable world and got officially certified as UPG Sustainability Leader 2021. Moreover, he has also been selected in a delegation of 60 leaders worldwide invited to the Hurricane Island for Science and Leadership on a fully-funded week-long immersive experience and training on Sustainability & Leadership in USA.

Besides these, Aakash belongs to a very humble family and is currently an undergraduate student at a business school in India. He also worked as a Business Development Manager at one of the local chapters of AIESEC in India, Dehradun where he organized impactful events aligning to SDGs that promoted them in the local communities. He loves working among people and is dedicated in nation building and a sustainable world.

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