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I have interests in a few fields, this includes literature, environmental studies, agriculture sciences, business studies, entrepreneurship/social entrepreneurship, biological science, and many more. Most recently I've been interested in things related to the UN, and their actions for human rights. I consider myself a philanthropist who looks forward to doing good in the future.

I´m constantly looking for

I have a passion in education, I am always looking for a way children like me or younger, nor older, can get equal rights in receiving quality education. I also often find myself concerned in climate change and its impacts, always trying to find the root cause of these issues, and try to find out different ways to prevent it.

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My name is Annastasya A., a thirteen (2021) year old girl from Indonesia who wants to bring a change. I have always been interested in human rights and the UN, which is why I’ve been participating in many events related. social entrepreneurship – from what I understand – may be the solution to some of these problems. And then, the SDGs appeared. That’s when I start researching the problems, issues, and causes of these problems, and then learn how to solve them. I implement my knowledge in the events I participate in, like MUN, and many more. I myself would like to be a useful doctor in the future, hoping to save people’s lives as often as possible. I’ll just keep going!

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Annastasya Ardianti