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Biological science (the human anatomy), some things about environmental science, bio waste, astrology, and other several fields include some of which I am interested in.

I´m constantly looking for

I am someone concerned about the environment, so I always looking for ways to reduce too much harm to the environment due to human activities. I hope my plan can help me in doing that.

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Hello! My name is Annisaa Aurelia Ardianti, you can call me Aurel. I am 14 years old and I am from Indonesia.

Since I moved to 8th grade, I’ve started to join lots of different competitions. I’ve learnt, communicated, and analyzed each an every single thing that relates to my focus (environment) to form the best and most creative idea I can think of. Each and every competition I participated in has their own story, most of the competitions I have joined, I often work alone competing from one and each student from another school in my country. My first experience joining a competition was actually amazing, although I didn’t win, but I did learn some things.

Beside that, there is one competition that I can’t get out of mind. I joined this competition just last year, we were assigned to do lots of research and work as a team to combine our crazy ideas to for environmental issues in India that we will eventually present in the final. It was frustrating, but I got into the top best 5! Even if it isn’t the 1st but I do sort of feel proud of myself.

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Annisaa Aurelia Ardianti


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