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Mobile App Development, Web Development, Desktop Development, Payment Solutions, Cryptocurrency System Interfacing, Systems Design, Automation, Electronics, Internet of Things Electronic Engineering, Mobile App Commercialization, Project Commercialization, Sustainable Living and Energy development, Rapid Prototyping, Presentations, Essay Writing.

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Support for my projects, in the form of publicity and know how.

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I am a young Zimbabwean who grew up behind the backdrop of the worst financial crisis in modern times. This made it financially difficult to do projects with conventional team member numbers so teams where significantly reduced in numbers with each member having to learn more skills and doing more work. This made me develop an increased ability to absorb a lot of information and learn new different skills in a small space of time. This empowered me to do quiet a number of projects with a limited number of team members. Because of this and other factors have won a number of commendations including 2nd Place in the (2011) Cover to Cover Essay Writing Competition, Designed and presented a working Bridge models at the (2012) National Bridge Building competition, Presented a Hydrogen generating cell at the Chisipiti UNICEF Sustainable Energy science fair (2012), Represented Zimbabwe at the LEO club DISTRICT 412 Convention (2013), Presented on Biogas at the Research Innovation and Intellectual Expo in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (2015), Won the National Boost Enactus Competition Award (2017), Won the Best Telecel Digital Marketing Campaign Award (2017), Won 3rd place position CABS Best Financial Award (2017), became a Finalist at the KPMG Sponsered Enactus World Cup in London, United Kingdom (2017), Represented Zimbabwe at the Enactus World Cup in London, United Kingdom (2017), Participated in the CBZ Youth Entrepreneurship Program (2017) Participated at the Clean Energy Week at the ZESA training Center in Harare (2017), Won 2nd place at the Netone Hackathon (2019), Exhibited a sustainable Indoor Vertical agriculture project at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (2019), Won 1st runner-up at the Mashonaland East Province Youth Connekt Entrepreneurship 2019, Won 2nd place at the National Zimbabwe Youth Connekt Entrepreneurship Competition 2019.

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Anthony Jekanyika