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Anwesha Majumder


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Social activist, education, protection, public speaking

Project Overview

P3- Public Private Partnership: Providing Employment Opportunities for Marginalized Youths Of India.

In the global context, higher education is of paramount interest for social and economic development of a country. Unfortunately in this era higher education for Below Poverty Line (BPL) youth remains a far- fetched dream. Though Government of India in sync with Millennium Development Goal is aiming to achieve universal primary education through the Right to Education Act 2009 but a lot has been debated over the quality of education imparted in the Government schools. This year jobless rate is expected to rise according to the report Global Employment trends 2014. Thus with a sense of urgency there need to be a complete overhaul of higher education system closely integrating it with apprenticeship/ vocational training with corporate sector for marginalized youth. Our vision is to begin with advocacy program first by forming an Ad Hoc Higher Education Committee (AD-H2C) comprising of University Professors, NGOs, representatives from National Education Department and Trade and Commerce, representatives from community & youths. In this Committee we will try to seek partnership between the Public and Private Organization as both are responsible to work towards societal welfare. Here we will convince the corporate partners to absorb BPL Youth towards apprenticeship/ vocational training programme and get placed in the same/ another organization or company, hence, creating a model company/ organization for the others to adopt. Later probe the Ministry of trade and commerce to include a clause within the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy that their CSR officials will devote time to manage such youth and ultimately get them placed in the same/ different organization. We will be facilitating, connecting organizations with Universities, Corporate Firms and communities and monitor the meetings, trainings, selection of youth to ensure smooth functioning. This way we will strive to provide job opportunities to as many youth as possible.

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