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Aria Florant


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Education, employment, health, and affordable housing four cornerstones of the social sector operate in silos. My work has illuminated the need for a more holistic approach to alleviating poverty. Attending college is unlikely for a low-income student if he cannot focus in school because he doesnt have health care. Poor Nepali girls rarely reach secondary school because society does not value education for girls. Low-income communities all over the world face challenges that dont fit into specific boxes. They are complex and interconnected, and need solutions that reflect this. Goodlist enables mission-driven organizations from different sectors and industries to collaborate towards a common goal. On Goodlist.com, organizations all over the world can access the resources they need to sustain and grow. The site is divided into three categories: jobs and services, information sharing, and a virtual collaborative workspace. Jobs and Services enables non-profits to post paid and unpaid job opportunities. Individuals seeking volunteer opportunities can post related skills and qualifications. A computer algorithm codes these posts and alerts users when there is a potential match. Information Sharing includes publications, webinars, and other online resources to help social sector practitioners learn specific skills as well as develop content expertise. All information is free of charge, and an incentive program encourages users to utilize the resources. The Collaborative Workspace is a forum through which organizations can connect with one another to initiate and develop collaborative partnerships. When organizations come together through this medium, they are eligible for discounts on resources from Goodlists partner organizations. The site operates like Facebook + Craigslist: users log in to the site and create a personal online profile, after which they are able to browse other users as well as search for the services, products, or information they need. Both individuals and organizations can set up profiles.

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