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Architectural Services. Building & Civil Engineering Constructions. Consulting Services, Environmental planning, Environmental policy and Engineering, Project management, Training on Agro-Base Enterprises and Governmental services, General Contractor & Supplier Services.

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Hail from Ogbudugbudu Community in Egbema Kingdom, Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State and was born on the 10th April 1984. He is a Responsible, Efficient Graduate Studied Urban and Regional Planning under School of Environmental Studies at Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Edo State and other Professional Qualifications at Ireland with certificate of different Vocational and Honour/Merit award for leadership and administrative role toward nation building, good Organizational skills able to contribute to the National Development using strategy initiative in various capacities as been exposure to administrative roles to work independently with teams, organization that will demand my absolute knowledge, skills and abilities, constantly challenge my creativity in micro seconds to add value, and give my first class skill as new ideas to achieve Nation Development.
We work with all of our clients in order to deliver customized solutions and help to resolve even the most insignificant business issues, creating a competitive advantage that lasts. We have several years of experience in the industry and we are not afraid to go beyond the standard solutions to find new insights.

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Karinconsult Nigeria Limited has an obligation to deliver some community development project and programmes in my country as a means of impacting into the lives of children, youths, women and staff within and outside my environment which are: A. Training programme on Agro-Base Enterprises. B. Computer Training programme for youth and staff. We are proud of our reputation for innovation, dedication and commitment to Service Driven by Excellence Execution. Having incorporated with the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) of Nigeria, Karinconsult Nigeria Limited has developed culture that nurtures autonomy and independent thinking, while at the same time taking opportunities to excel in a collaborative development. Karinconsult Nigeria Limited realized that the liveability of Urban centres lies largely on the efficiency of development and Capacity building that involves staff training and- training and networking with all stakeholders in Urban development, while given highest priority to Training on Agro-Base Enterprises, Environmental Planning and Management (Implementation and monitoring). Though our beginning was small, yet our Nation Building toward Sustainable Development greatly increases.To inspiring people with new ideas in Agro-Base Enterprises to have their owned farm in making money every day and say no to poverty. My vision and mission is to generate millionaire in Nigeria across the various State in Nigeria, through Agro- Entrepreneurial Skill Training (Integrated Agricultural Farming) for both Educated and Uneducated on; A.Training programme on Agro- Entrepreneurial Skill (Integrated Agricultural Farming) for both Educated and Uneducated on; Fishery (catfish and tilapia farming) Poultry Snailery (Snail farming) Animal Rearing (Piggery, cattle, Grasscutter production and other ) Animals and fish feed formulation Crops production(Plantain/Banana) Apiculture(Beekeeping) B. Computer Training programme for youth and staff. Computer appreciation for 3 months Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft power pointed, Microsoft publisher, Corel draw Website design I. Professional training for 1 month Internet Explorer/Opera mini/Mozilla Firefox Website design AutoCAD 2D and 3D Revit Chief Architectural Design

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